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That is all about love!!! The last 5 days I was painting this wall, I did diving in myself, focused in do my best to makes this dream real. Now, after almost 3 months here in Germany, having understood that is real, with so many beautiful things that had happened around me, all my emotions comes out....each experiences I have in my life surely brings me a lots of learnings. makes me fell bigger, as human being, as women, as an artist... everytime has something to learning and challenges to be reach out. Neither all experiences are flowers, sometimes this process is really painful, but makes me stronger and I can feel even more thankful, mainly to be doing what I love, what I believe that is my mission, and I don’t talk about just about do art, is beyond, is deeper. I’m living now everything that I had wished back in the days when I decided take a new path to my life, some years ago, however, I have never imagined something so intense and wonderful, and I only had to surrendered for the called of my heart. the universe made all of this be perfect since that. I never get tired to be thankful, I’m really glad for be alive and realizing day by day how powerful i’m, for the simple fact to believe in myself . everyone has the power to create and do whatever they want, life has to be light and we are the only responsible for our reality, and of course, everyone who is part of our life has the power to makes it better as well. Gratitude for everyone who is part of my life, gratitude for each opportunity, for every magical energy we did exchange. I have only to say thank, every magic moments did are possible with this amazing connections. I love each one of you! I know I’ll carry to me a such amazing memories enough to change my life one more time and I’ll leave here many parts of my torned heart of SAUDADE but full of love!!! . . . O texto segue em português nos comentários* . . . #gratitude #namaste #lifestyle #instadaily #instagram #instaart #maripavanelli #mural #germany #hamburg #artwork #colorful #rainbowcolours #sunset #nofilter #graffiti #streetart #blessed #love #loveart #thankful #happiness #photooftheday
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